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Poster: You Don't Have to Go Fast...

It's not always about speed. Check out Greatist’s new inspirational poster, available for sale on the official Greatist Store. And check inside to see how you can win a free copy!
  • Michelle Pritchard

    Sometimes fast-sometimes not so fast-but the feet keep moving! #BeAMAZING

  • shelli segura

    "You don't have to go fast... you just have to go." via @Greatist Fitblok fitness fitness motivation fitness quotes fitness inspiration fitspo exercise motivation exercise inspiration exercise workout workout motivation workout quotes gym motivation gym quotes motivation motivational quotes inspo inspirational quotes

  • Marissa Worley

    going to try remembering this when I am training for the half marathon

  • Health As We Age (HAWA)

    You just have to go! #workout #fitness #quotes

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