It's funny because it's true.

Definitely me

so very true

I'm not a coffee addict, but this is too funny!

Want this!

Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Handwritten Coffee Mug, if it requires pants or a bra it's not happening today, lazy day mug, funny coffee mug #mydayoffmug

Funny Coffee Measurement Mug

Random LOL pics (6:30:32 PM PDT Sunday, March 8, 2015) – 10 pics

Best question at the end of coffee


Turns out Im not an afternoon person either- coffee mug- hand painted- funny mug (Love this!)


When you make it through a night at your S.O.’s parents’ house. | 21 Hilarious Coffee Mugs To Celebrate Literally Everything

Prescription Coffee Mug @Andrea J

Uh-huh. Pretty much...

Disney Finding Nemo "Mine Mine Mine" mug. Hands off the hot cocoa, it's mine! :D


true story

So true!

true story :]