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  • Jennifer Cantin

    Mom Crying Video

  • Dorlee Michaeli

    The Video Every Mom Must Watch On Repeat Until She Gets It < The women in this video were asked a simple question -- to describe themselves as mothers. They expressed those concerns listed above. Then, their kids answered. It's like when Dove had women listen to what other people remember about their faces, only it's not selling soap and is just about parenting (which really isn't a "just" at all).

  • Surrogacy Guru

    Being a mom is tough and you're doing a great job. #parenting #creativefamilyconnections

  • BusyMum @ Pinterest

    Stick Around for One Min. and See What Made This Tough Mom Cry. What happens when moms and their kids spill their hearts in a video confession? The result is just beautiful. Pass this on to all the moms you know.

  • Reagan Graham

    Mother's Day Video every mom should watch!

  • Pam Gonsalves

    "A New Perspective for Moms" video. A must watch for all Moms!

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