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Five ideas for making your kids feel loved: 1. Celebrate with them 2. Have special rituals just between the 2 of you 3. Treat them like they are amazing 4. Focus on the positive 5. Make yourself available



Reasons My Son Is Crying…



How to Give Time-Outs

Time out

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25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9

Work on one at a time.

Counting 1-2-3 to get kids to listen is a popular strategy especially among parents of young children. The problem is, it really doesn't work long-term. Here are tips on what DOES work.

Time out not working? Feel like you're counting to 3 all the time? You're not alone! How to get your kids to listen without nagging, reminding or YELLING!

7 Tough Conversations your should have with your kids before they turn 12 (for Christian Parents)

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Summer-time (or any time off from school) can turn into lazy-time if we aren’t careful (by “we”… I mean the parents). It can be easy for us, as parents, to just let our kids lounge around and hop online or turn on the TV when they are bored, but my husband and I really try to keep a limit on those things. That is where our home rules come into play.

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Helping Kids Deal with Big Feelings

Helping Kids Deal with Big Feelings - a follow after my post on not squashing my kids feelings

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The Positive Alternative to Time Out That WORKS

An effective alternative to time out, "time to yourself" helps kids deal with social stress, learn positive coping behavior and self-regulation.

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What Makes You An Amazing Mom {Even If You Didn't Know It

For the most encouraging words you've heard in a long time....from an experienced mom who really knows. This Is Why You're an Amazing Mom {Even If You Didn't Know It}!

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How to Avoid Power Struggles with Kids: Choices

Avoid Power Struggles with Kids. The art of giving choices.

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Simplest Kids Art Project...and Boredom Buster! This is incredibly simple but will entertain the kids for a long time and spark creativity!

As soon as your kids are capable of doing jobs, take the time to teach them to do the jobs and then gracefully hold them responsible to follow through! This is the Montessori way and it really works to build confident, responsible kids.

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9 Screen-free Activities to Do With Your Kids

Looking for alternatives to video games or computer time? Try these fun screen-free activities! #overstuffedlife

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Explaining Death to Your Kids

Explaining Death to Your Kids - Grown Ups Magazine - What do you tell your kids when it’s time to say “goodbye”?