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A new perspective for moms. This might make you cry.

Five ideas for making your kids feel loved: 1. Celebrate with them 2. Have special rituals just between the 2 of you 3. Treat them like they are amazing 4. Focus on the positive 5. Make yourself available

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100 Ways to be Kind to Your Child

being a mom


Reasons My Son Is Crying…


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How to Give Time-Outs That Really Work

Time out

Finding time for "Mommy & Me Mornings" with your kids. How a busy mom makes time for slowing down a minute in the middle of errands.

Counting 1-2-3 to get kids to listen is a popular strategy especially among parents of young children. The problem is, it really doesn't work long-term. Here are tips on what DOES work.

Obedience: Why Do You Have To Tell Them Five Times? (Love & Logic style techniques)

I have no idea what to say to my girl sometimes. There are whole weeks when I am pretty sure every word I say is the wrong one. Can anyone relate? Being a girl mom is, in the words of Dickens, "the best of times and the worst of times." And sometimes it is all that in the space of one minute. There are, though, some important things our girls need us to tell them. Here are 10 of them ...