Upcycle a frame with broken glass into a beautiful earring holder!!

This is brilliant! A jewelry box hidden behind a photo frame on hinges. Could use a shadow box?

Love the black lace over the small chicken wire to hang earrings. Put hooks on bottom of picture frame for necklaces , this is my favorite version of a earring holder.

earring holder

Cork Coasters Using Small Picture Frames. <3

Frames filled with cork board. Cool idea!


Love the burlap + colorful frame!

Earring holder out of plastic canvas & a picture frame.

old frames + cork-board

Turn an old prescription bottle into a hair tie holder for your purse

drawer pulls as earring holders

Lace & embroidery hoop earring holder.

i like! old picture frames spray painted a cool metallic, lil knobs on the end, nice fabric, and slots for each! i can dig that! :)

DIY earring holder

Key holder

Other super creative homemade jewelry holders to hang on your wall. Both decorative and functional.

A decorative standing frame, with lace stretched tight, becomes an easy and practical earring display. Stand on you dresser, under a mirror with similar details, to bring the look together.