• Glenda Roslund

    (Sario-My Best Friend) Adorable Photos of a Toddler Napping with His Puppy - My Modern Metropolis

  • Curash Babycare

    Toddler-puppy bestfriends!

  • Candace Cox

    For one little boy and one puppy nap time is a special time. Every day when Jessica Shyba puts her son Beau down for his afternoon nap their new puppy Theo joins the toddler for some quality napping and cuddling. Their adorable routine has been captured in photos that are going viral on the internet. Thjs is precious!

  • Joshua Michels

    Baby Puppy nap time. :))))

  • Purple Paper House

    Now, while I admit that I am a biased canine junkie - I dare ANYONE to not go "Awww" when they view these pictures of a boy and his puppy !!! . Sleeping Baby And Puppy Pictures Are The Cutest Thing Ever | Happy Place

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