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    You don't lose friends, because real friends can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends, and you're better for it.

    "i like when i don't have to be careful what i say; that's when you know you're with the right people"


    Good Words! Lesson I learned a friendship should be equal if they can't make time for you and it is always you initiating a get together then it obviously is not worth it. I like my friends to be real.

    So true!!!

    Absolutely love this quote because it is the truth said regarding so called family, friends, soul mates.

    So True!

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    Very True!!! and it's about people who act true to your face too, under different circumstances. It's also about remaining friends through changes, if things change and you become closer through a relationship with one of your family members, you should remain the same and remain friends. But I'm worried that may not happen, I've seen changes already!! and nothing has even happened yet!

    The best not the stress

    Jessica Perkins

    Smaller circle, clearer vision. "Focus on yourself and your recovery and watch how quickly the people that want to control and abuse you fall away." Anne-Marie Wiesman

    Hey this totally fits the one person who threw away a 10 year friendship and pretty much doesn't care either. Doesn't get hints when I talk about horrible friends either lol

    I can deal with crap honestly not if your backstabbing person giving me crap I ain't dealing with that shit because that isn't worth my time

    So true

    So true

    For real though.


    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    So True