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Toadstool. This one is made from a painted wooden bowl screwed upside-down to a small log. But use something sturdier if you want to sit on it.

These are easy to make.....get the round concrete forms used for foundations {they're cardboard like cylinders found in Home Depot etc. and come in different diameters} Sink this form in ground enough to ensure the 'stem' will not topple, fill w/ cement. Create 'top' by useing concrete and anything that mimics the shape of a mushrm. top. Adhere together using 'block adhesive'. Birbath top is just as easy, create well in a box with sand, trowel/ pour cement into 'form' let cure, adhere to stem.

Toadstools & Mushrooms Garden Art DIY. I love this, maybe for surrounding the butterfly feeder.

DIY: Paint an old salad bowl, put over a stump = toadstool in your garden :)

toadstool stumps :) might be fun to paint our outdoor stumps once in a while, give them some freshness to inspire new ideas for play

Flowers Made From Fan Blades | Mushrooms & Toadstools Garden Art DIY

#DIY Toadstool | Whimseybox This easy to make toad stool is made using a log and an old wooden bowl. They keep the fairies and gnomes in our garden and house happy ; ) Enjoy!

Textile Toadstools By Mister Finch- hat was, finde ich. Leider kann ich nicht nähen - nobody's perfect...

Monet's Garden.That looks really nice.Please check out my website thanks.

Pañuelos Familia® Chic Metallic. Un Toque Chic que le dará brillo a cualquier lugar.

best gate ever, can you imagine this as a fence?