Recreate a photo taken of you and your mom with you and your child...I love this idea.

first birthday pictures with mom - wish I wold have thought of this...

Birth shadow box - Such a good idea!

Spray paint a measuring tape and use it to keep track of kids heights at different ages.

Love love love this idea!!!!!

Starting in Kindergarten, put the child's graduation year on a large tshirt. Take a picture each year with same shirt to watch the child grow into the shirt. Display at graduation party!

Mother Child

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Love love LOVE this photo for a second child maternity pic! @KD Eustaquio Panter and @James Barnes Panter -- will y'all do this, please??! :)

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Adorable idea using wooden letters!

Such a cute idea!

Take a photo right after your baby falls asleep on the night before his birthday. Then you can add this picture to his baby book with the caption: Tonight my little one fell asleep as an 11-month-old… tomorrow he will wake up as a one-year-old! This is guaranteed to become a beloved traditional photo you take every year on the eve of your child’s birthday.

Tiffany Farley - Love and Protection - she came in to break the two - continue to ask the conscience - intentions - she didn't talk to mother and child - why did she give the buser the power? - God knows

mother and child

I am so doing this picture when we have a child.

even the pain is part of the story - a picture us moms would like to have, even though we may not think about it at the time

For this child I prayed. Such a beautiful idea for a baby photo ~ 1 Samuel 1:26-28 baby-picture-ideas

SO cute! make for each child!