Every mother needs this mug. No matter how long we've been doing it.

Hee hee. So True!

If you want your Children to be Intelligent, read them Fairy Tales - Einstein | #Quotes #Einstein #Intelligent #FairyTales #Children #Reading

This quote reminds me of my mom and how worried she gets when one of my siblings or I don't come home on time. She cares so much about us that she wants to make sure we are okay. Even though it annoys us, I have never really appreciated how much my mom cares about us children until I came to college.


So true, so true! Hard to remember some times!

25 rules for mothers of sons

This white 11-ounce ceramic mug with black rim and handle features the phrase, I love you like a hobbit loves second breakfast. Top rack

I already do!

Love love love!!!!

Mother/daughter necklace. Love this!!

This is my Mother in Law --SuperMOM! She may not realize it but...in the eyes, heart and mind of her children and daughter in law she is super mom!

Arty Mugs. Sharpie pen creations. Instructions on our blog. I just like the saying!

This is a wonderful quote. Funny, I was just saying that I hope my daughter will still like me when she grows up. I'm sure she thinks I don't understand her at all.

I love this beautiful letter about aging, love and the cycles of life. I have found it in many places online, but had a hard time tracking down the origins. Here it is is an easy Pinterest format. ;) Enjoy... and mom... Thank you for everything you did for me... I am humbled and forever grateful.

Just about right when it comes to my little roommates

having you as MOM