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Amaretto Slush...I have made this with whiskey but never thought of using amaretto. I love amaretto! Brilliant!


Frozen Lemonade or Fruit Juice Slushies

Frozen Lemonade or Fruit Juice Slushies! I'll be glad I pinned this in the summer time.

Epicuriousfrom Epicurious

Sluggers' Strawberry Slushies

Sluggers' Strawberry Slushies - found a way to use the bag of frozen strawberries in my freezer

Love From The Ovenfrom Love From The Oven

Easy Homemade Blue Raspberry Slushee

How awesome is this??? It's especially cool because you can change the food coloring or omit it altogether. Simple And Sweet Slushee Recipe by Love From The Oven-

Averie Cooksfrom Averie Cooks

Tropical Peach Pineapple Slushies

Tropical Peach Pineapple Slushies ~ 1/2 cups diced peaches 1 1/2 cups diced pineapple 2 shots Malibu Rum 2 shots pineapple vodka or regular vodka 2 shots peach schnapps

Bob Marley Frozen Drink...light rum blue curacao orange curacao strawberry daiquiri mix fresh mango sweet and sour mix lime juice ice


Peach Wine Slushies

Peach smoothies!!!---wait, no. These are peach WINE slushies. But: same? {new two-ingredient peach white wine slushy on my blog--link in profile}

Southern Livingfrom Southern Living

Raspberry Beer Cocktail - Cool, Refreshing Summer Drinks

Summer Beer - my recipe: 3 beers - cheap is fine 1 can of frozen lemonade 1 empty can of frozen lemonade filled with vodka.. * I pretty much just eyeball it. Usually a fifth of flavored vodka (raspberry works great). Its like an adult version of the kids party drink that has sorbet and sprite in it. I was introduced to these as being called "panty droppers" They get you faded! Yessssssss


Magic Potion

Kool Aid ice cubes, lemon lime soda. As they melt, the drink changes flavor. kids party treats. i can see these going off for my boys at dinner time. maybe a way to get them to drink more water. lol. i'm so cheap.

Averie Cooksfrom Averie Cooks

Watermelon Raspberry Slushies

Watermelon Raspberry Slushies - Summertime in a glass! Cool, refreshing, and youll want a refill before you know it!


Nyan slushy.

Rainbow slush!! Just get some ice pops and order them by colour. Then crush them 1 by one in the order and put them in the freezer after every layer of colour! And boom there u have it!!!!! Add straws and an umbrella for a perfect summer time in the swimming pool drink!!!!!! :-)

Love From The Ovenfrom Love From The Oven

Easy Homemade Blue Raspberry Slushee

How To Make Slushies At Home at Love From The Oven