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How to make eyes "pop" using Gimp - photo editing for people who can't afford photoshop

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How to Backup Camera Photos Automatically with unlimited Google Photo storage

Editing photos with Curves: Blogger\Photographer says: I don’t know about you, but if I could only use one tool in photoshop for the rest of my life, it would be Curves. It can do so much! Not only can it lighten up your images, but it can make your colors and contrast pop by making an S curve. To do that, just add a second point in the curves window, and drag it down a bit. This is pictured here.

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Who knew there were so many ways to use rubbing alcohol? Everyone should pick up a cheap little bottle of this stuff if they don't already have it in the house!

Pictures that have distracting backgrounds can be fixed with help from the clone tool. Learn how to use this tool and start saving more of your pictures!

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DIY: photo trick (this photography tip uses items you have lying around the house!)

In 25 seconds learn how the eyedropper tool lets you pick any color from your image, so you can coordinate colors, get specific hex values, and find that just-right shade of any color.

Like a lot of skills, learning photo editing is about familiarizing yourself with the language and technique. Photo app Polarr put together an interactive guide that teaches you those concepts quickly.

Spot Removal Tool - Lightroom 5 Tutorial Video

How to add a "Soft Light" to your photos using Photoshop & the shortcut to easily "Mass Editing" photos with the same effect.

To help you get the absolute most from your photography time, we have come up with 49 of the best photography tips and time savers that are guaranteed to get you better results.