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  • Cassie Phillips

    These little girls asked this Marine for his autograph. It makes me so proud to see when children recognize who our true celebrities are. Not a boy band, not an actor; but men and women who lay their lives on the line for the sake of our freedom. This is what I will teach my daughter, her Uncle is a marine, grandpa was in the army and great grandpa was in the navy, I will teach her who the real heroes are!!

  • Jaime

    My kids will be raised to know who the real life superheros are......

  • Kimmy VCW

    Parenting done right! The real heros.

  • brooklynn johnson

    Dang Skippy true hero's our military men and weman are. Braver than brave. God bless u

  • Rebecca Chin

    MARINE hope my future kids understand the real heroes of the world

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If I have a son I would like to get a photo like this with him holding my grandpas marine picture

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this is going to be yourr hubby and daughter... so cute!!! @Alethea Brooks

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