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And its not even a romantic thing....I get this feeling when I see a few of my best friends. Because I know that love, has just entered the room.

Oh my goodness... I think I'm going insaine! I always want you here no matter what little thing is going on.. I know it's not possible to have you just yet but I love the sweet thought of you there with me through it all. <3

oh geeze./When you see something written that fits your life so perfectly don't you wish you thought of it??

This is so true. I miss the days when I could look out into the crowd at a concert and find him. That moment when our eyes met and he mouthed the words "I love you." I miss moments such as this.

Truly, my every thought was of you, I miss you so much, and it was a real problem cause I had stuff to do today! Lol, I hope you had a great day, and sweet dreams tonight. XOXOXOXO!

You will get this feeling when you have the love of a Scorpio Man. He's like good medicine for your soul. You begin feeling better every day!