I'll never forget that kiss. The 1st kiss since we had split. I thought I knew what I wanted, I was done, we had been split for 4 months and I was good with that, then he came over to talk and that kiss... was THE kiss, I've never felt anything like it.... I just knew I'd never spend my life with anyone else from that moment on & that we would deal with whatever heartache & trials came our way, together! It was one of the craziest moments of my life. It was 100% pure love. #noregrets

Boy did I!

"You were a risk, a mystery ..." -Beau Taplin

When I can't sleep at night, I stare at the empty side of my bed, and wonder about the things I would tell you, if you were laying next to me.

FOr Tom:-) I'm changing to we LAUGH so well together and I fall in love with you more and more every day!

And I wouldn't want it any other way

I miss you all the time.. Especially today. Today has been incredibly hard and I've been left with my thoughts for most of it.

.that is exactly what I thought the first time I saw Allen...I knew I was in trouble and in love. 30 years later I feel the same way...


I crave you

"In French, you don't really say 'I miss you.' You say 'tu me manques,' which is closer to 'you are missing from me.'" - Unknown #unmarked #thelegionseries #kamigarcia #yabooks #paranormal #supernatural #quotes

Beau Taplin | That Kiss

I wish people could just say how they feel without sounding desperate. Why can't everyone be painfully honest and just save people the trouble.

You could leave my life and never come back but it would change the fact that I love you and I only want/need you..

Military life <3

i love that.

poetry everywhere.

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Beau Taplin