Its like the Snuggy on steroids... I so want one!! "Moody Chair" A huge bean-bag like bed/chair with a built in pillow & blanket that you can wrap yourself in.

door handle, wonka-ish

hush pod. for the ultimate afternoon nap.

Inflatable car bed // An airbed for your back seat?! AWESOME!!!

Moody Chair... A Huge Like Couch Bed With Built In Blanket!

Reading Wedge Pillow, Firm, 95% Feather / 5% Down | The Company Store

Wait... is this real life? This unique bed is made from 120 medium sized sofa balls covered in elastic fabric. The crazy thing about this bed is that you can change its form. It doesn’t have to be horizontal bed all the time. You can pull up the sofa balls to make a small seating arrangement or make new shapes for your relaxation needs. Plus they look kinda cute.


Weekends are meant to be spent in your PJs lounging around. Curl up in a Natural Sheepskin Beanbag Chair ($1,200) with a great book, a classic movie, or even an friend while you recharge in style. — Katie Henry, associate editor

This looks so incredibly comfy. I want one so bad, and I would buy it if it weren't so expensive...

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COMFY...but a little creepy

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This is amazing!!!

The best relaxation seats

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Built-In Drawers between wall studs. Imagine how much space you could save w/out dressers! Think about bathroom space

sunken bed & hidden storage

Smart ironing board!

giant beanbag pillow that shapes into any kind of seat you want...awesome!