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yarn bombed fence, so cool!

Intricate cyclone fence yarn bomb looks like crochet lace . Interesting, where I live we call it a chain link fence. Regardless, the lacy yarn bomb is great.

yarn bomb railing!  Photo/image credit unknown.

stairs, yarn bombing and grafitti knit image on We Heart It

lace fence

6 Decorated Chain Link Fences

This should be done to all chain link fences. Lace Fence is a design of Dutch Design House Demakersvan. It is a high-end metal fabric that

Think all graffiti is bad? Check out Guerrilla Knitting- it's about using one of Britain's retro hobbies to brighten up our world! Knitters use their surroundings as a canvas to showacse their art. Check out Knit The City here: http://knitthecity.com/ Want to have a go yourself? Get some basic knitting skill down here: http://www.ukhandknitting.com/learn_to_knit.php

''yarn bombing'' is one of those spur of the moment ideas that really isn't a bad thing. decorating something with yarn in a classy way is fun and pretty. this bench looks amazing to me.

Summer of mosaic obsession: Regular metal garden chair. Cover with chicken wire and concrete then mosaics.


These Colorful Cross-Stitch Murals Are The Last Thing You'd Expect From A Graffiti Artist