• Tim Riley

    Tico's mexican restaurant, from Boulder, Colorado, growing up in the 1970s...

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Old steel-belted Coleman cooler. My Dad used to have one :)

In 79, my big comb like this had a rainbow and clouds. Everyone I knew had one sticking out their back pocket.

I don't know how many times my Mama said this

I remember these... ♥ ..nut cups !

Vintage 1950s Emson-Ware colored aluminum large by AtomicDimestore

Shenango #Woolworth's lunch counter soup #bowl. Reminds me of my Grandma who retired from the Woolworth's Co.

Film strips were an important part of our education.

I had the big bird ones!

Ding Dongs with the foil!

Apple Pie Knitter. I loved mine!

1950's & '60's yummy

talking doll string

0mg yes

Vintage Toy Sewing Machine Brother, it's gorgeous !!

Fly spray.

From the "Laugh-In" TV show.

Carnation Slender

TipTop Brush Curlers

MERRY: 1957 My Merry Beauty Shop

Do you remember when we used to have make room in the living room for these televisions?

This is what my first Barbie Case looked like!

Free maps from every gas station.That was our GPS.

Vintage Embroidery

"this is what power lines used to look like..they had the glass insulators"

Powder puffs