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Feed Your Livestock AND Your Family With Prolific, Fast-Growing Duckweed INVASIVE like whoa! Be careful.

Method of growing greens to feed chickens- the wire keeps them from completely destroying the plants.

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Companion Plants for Fruit Trees

Plant bee balm & borage to attracting beneficial insects. Borage adds calcium, potassium & other minerals to the soil. Nasturtium planted beneath pear trees & allowed to climb around the tree provides protection from coddling moth & fruit tree borers. Plant legumes to help fix nitrogen. Keep your pear tree and legume watered & fertilized.

Raising Ducks or Chickens? Ten Reasons Why Ducks Might Be a Better Choice - -

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Raising Tilapia - Easier Than You'd Think

Raising Tilapia - Easier Than You'd Think If you had Tilapia and chickens, goats (and maybe a cow or two) for milking, a garden and some fruit and nut trees... these are some of the things my dream home would have. :)

In the first few days between day 1 and four you can sex chickens by looking at their wings. If all the feather tips are even you have a male. If there are two rows you have a female.

Duckweed - Duckweed is one of the best-kept secrets of Urban Farming. Reda more at link =>

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Organic Chicken Feed Is Cheep When You Make It Yourself

Make your own chicken feed- I've been wanting to find a cheaper way to feed my chickens, not to mention I would like to know more of what they are eating.

Duckweed: an easy to grow, organic animal feed that’s high in protein and minerals, fixes nitrogen, is palatable to chickens, pigs, goats, ducks and cows