New Katniss and Gale clip just released! Not much of a spoiler since it's only about 35 seconds long. But wow, Liam's good in this part! I think he'll be the perfect Gale:

And then there was Gale. <3

Katniss and Rue

katniss gets me

Although in the movie Katniss doesn't actually tell Peeta it was all for the games - when they arrived back at district twelve and Katniss saw Gale and her family, Peeta takes one look at her and the emotion on his face is so powerful, he looks disappointed, like he's had the realization that is was all just for the games. (click on the picture)

"Cinna has turned me into a Mockingjay." - Katniss in Catching Fire. Hunger Games

Katniss and Peeta #Everlark Mockingjay Part 2

Hunger Games

Everything was perfect

Hunger Games

Little Duck <3


Hunger Games.

Katniss' opinion on feelings.

The feels - the hunger games

Katniss likes to touch heads with those she truly loves.

Catching Fire - Katniss talking about Rue. This part breaks my heart. :(

Sheer Perfection.

the Hunger Games: Catching Fire casts when they were babies :)