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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Important things to be mindful of… especially during Zombie Appreciation Month! Or is it Zombie Awareness??

The Ultimate Zombie Preparation Guide. Don't get caught Doooomed!

Apocalypse Bike Did you know that Pinterest drives more website traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and YouTube... COMBINED!! Get Your Pinterest bot to put your pinning on auto-pilot

Zombies, always, before doing something, ask to your self that same question and do exactly the opposite.

I know a few guys who would love this in their room! Not to!

Holy Zombie Apocalypse vehicle! Just switch out the water cannons for machine gun turrets and you are good to go!!

Whoop, I've hit the mother-load of all pins. How to survive the discontinued twinkies apocalypse. hahahaha!

The family that kills zombies together...

MP9 Sub-Machine Gun - Unless the zombie apocalypse comes I'd never need it, but definitely on my list!

The Problem With British Zombies

This is the cool machine gun that I got to shoot at The Las Vegas Gun Store

How to survive a zombie apocalypse - infographic