DIY Magnetic Makeup Organizer Maybe a smaller cookie sheet to fit in makeup drawer to minimize space? (Glue a frame to an old cookie sheet and paint it, then adhesive magnets to the back of makeup and attach to dried magnet board.


35 Ways to Sneak Storage Into Your Home IT'S AN OLD RAKE! Arrange necklaces in an out-of-the-way place, like on the back of a door. Here, an old rake manages a mass of pretty necklaces and rosaries.

hanger + shower curtain rings + scarf organizer (could use a "fancy" hanger and metal hooks) great Idea

Organizing Scarves

Organization of the Scarves- shower curtain rings- on a hanger. I did this, but you know what would work better.these rings on a small curtain rod on the wall. The hanger tends to fall to one side or the other.

¿Cómo ordenar el cajón de ropa interior?

¿Cómo ordenar el cajón de ropa interior?

Hot glue together cleaned yogurt/pudding cups and use as drawer organizers for socks, office supplies, jewelry, makeup, and much much more!

Simple way to hold all your brushes, eye liner, mascara, etc, easy to just grab and apply

Makeup tool holder- squarish vase and marbles! @ DIY Home Ideas It could be used for pens or also craft painting brushes, markers etc. Craft and DIY Projects and Tutorials

Quoi faire avec toupet qui repousse

T'aimes plus ta frange

Dollar store baskets for shower stuff. Awesome way to have storage when nothing else works in your shower.

Add a second shower rod for extra bathroom storage! Hang baskets from the extra shower rod to put shampoos and soaps in! (And without bottles everywhere, the shower becomes easier to clean!

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Closet organizing ideas so that you can find the one.

Original Pinner States: Accessory wall~great for a walk in closet Chintomby Campbell. you need to show this to your mama … lol. she needs to have a walk in closet just for earrings and necklaces. @ Pin Your Home

 Great idea! Spray paint bell jars gold and use to store make-up brushes or products

I have, literally, 1 makeup brush, so i dont need a jar for them. but its a good idea Id use it for something else: Make up brush holder using spray painted mason jars gold.