Are you aware that it's legal in NY state for women to walk around topless in public places?

I totally do this!

Watching a Law and Order Marathon does not count as New York legislative history research.

very naughty tote

Live from the city that sprouted the “Rent is too damn high” political party, the I Can’t Afford To Love NY T-Shirt from Clintees is a loud statement on an inescapable fact of NYC, funneled through the iconic design. Still, it is the greatest city in the world.

A Tennessee woman made a few alterations to her wedding dress...which included an infant. Shona Carter-Brooks apparently thought it wise to ...

I'm sorry, are you speaking?

This is awesome!

There's obviously no other option.

Creepy Seal

When you shop at a major retailer like Victoria's Secret or Macy's and even Walmart, you expect that what you are buying is new and at least reasonably clean.

Men's March against violence toward women. Awesome!

Must be time travelers...

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 31 Pics

Bloomberg Soda Ban

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