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    Kingsport dance classes at the Centre for the Performing Arts

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This Southern spin on Middle Eastern fattoush salad can be assembled in the morning before taking off to your picnic, tailgate, or work so the flavors meld and pita chips soften. #SLSummerRecipes

Pull-Apart Sweet Potato Fries

Most beautiful study/ library ever. LOVE the color. And the chair. And the antique bellows.

Take a trip down memory lane and make moon pies! Sandwich marshmallow filling between jumbo cookies coated with melted chocolate for the ultimate treat. - Everyday Dishes & DIY

Bourbon Soaked Pecans are a delicious addition to Bourbon Balls and Pecan Pie

Cornbread mixed with Yellow cake mix - Click for Recipe

Architectural attention to every side of the house is a big deal to me...I hate it when a house looks like it's cut from a cake--naked, boring flat sides. Now, this house is beautiful.

true. if you want a gentleman, be a lady


Appalachian log cabin

gotta love colorful gingham. i could wear it every day.~~~~~me to~

Wonderful White Magnolia.

I want one of these

pioneer cabin

pioneer cabin


family fishing, Appalachia, 1940's

old man basket weaving and old lady sewing

Unidentified Appalachian woman, circa 1935


Somewhere in Appalachia


Hobo Nickels - 1930's, Appalachia

the South - Appalachia included

Showy Ladies Enhancing Appalachian Landscape