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    Omigoodness ssssooo cute

    • Kellins Angel

      usually a common convo with your best guy friend . . . I have at least a few guy best friends and I'm lucky to have them. Most of the time. (No sleep over with guys) but it's all evens out in the end. They will Always be there for you, you have to be there for them <3

    • Lexie Cox

      this is the sweetest thing ever. best friends first and foremost! i seriously want to cry when i read this i wish i had a guy bestfriend

    • Maci Key

      this is the sweetest thing ever. best friends first and foremost! He needs to know he means more to than anyone ever has.

    • Patience Cooper

      You may think of him as your brother or best buddy but he is the type of guy you should marry. He will always be there for you, has your back, will make you laugh, love you unconditionally and that's what really matters. If a guy said this to me, I would melt. Haha yea I have a guy best friend.

    • Amzi Ball

      this is the sweetest thing ever. best friends first and foremost! Like in love with this!

    • Morgan Buoy

      this is the sweetest thing ever. If i had a boy as one of my best friends.

    • Nicole Crocker

      Page 231 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

    • Madison File

      Fall in love with best friend:) That's so flippin' sweet! AW!

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    this guy gets it


    ♥ I love you He's not just a "guy best friend" ...he's my best friend. It just so happens that he's a guy.

    This is adorable


    I love this guy

    This is so sweet. ♥

    "My Perfect Boy.../What I look for in a guy" by your-acacia-anon-xoxo ❤ liked on Polyvore

    Wine & friends are a great blend

    Wine and friends are a great blend

    Friends pick us up when we fall down and if they can't pick us up they lie down and listen for a while.

    love quote why is it that every guy starts out almost a little like this but end up being the most disappointing of them all

    Lol all these girls are saying how they wish a guy would do this for them. I used to date a guy like this and I about strangled him. Especially on my sleep in days, urg!

    Awww so ture if you girls have a besy dude-friend who would do that "MARRY HIM. Marry him now"

    I want a guy...

    that just got real


    every guy should do this at least ready at 7:00 my love,#