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    West Side Story. Freaking hilarious. Well, if you're a crazy cat lady who loves musicals. So, me.

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    Cats cats Crazy cats Stay cools cats

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    LOL cats | lolcats vs west side story | The Funny Pics Page

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    Funny cat pictures with captions, cat humor, cats funny …For more humorous quotes and funny pictures visit

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Attitude is everything...well...not EVERYTHING, but a lot of everything

You ever do that again, I'm gonna get me a stepladder and stick my finger up your nose, like this . . . . .

lmao...i dont even know but i laughed too hard. Evidence that there have been crazy cat people for a very long time.

A marsupial Australia Possum / This may be a young Brushtail Possum, but I can't tell without seeing his tail.

how is sonic a hedge hog? He makes them seem so hard core... they are precious little lazy pups! ♥

Pen thief! - Imgur here to find out more

There is one inalienable right that they can never take from us, and that is our right of free seats.

#Great Blue-Heron with a male Red-Winged Blackbird #Birds

"I think it's what they call a 'bad hair day' - any idea how I can make it better?"

Collage of photographs of Sygmond the Grey. Photos gave him notoriety as "a really epic cat". He's definitely beautiful. Link goes to love meow and has a link to Sygmond as a kitten where the original photos are housed on deviant art Vlad The Mad by Kaptive8 Photography / Animals, Plants & Nature / Domesticated Animals