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Malamute / Timber Wolf hybrid. I know he's cute as a button now, but wolf hybrids are EXTREMELY dangerous. They ARE wild animals and WILL bite humans. Please, do not take in a wolf/dog hybrid unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing.

  • Kathy

    We had a wolf hybrid. We did not know he was until after we had him. He was an amazing pet. He was well trained and exercised. He was a lot of work and did not act like a dog. Regular dog training did not work. We had to become a pack. He NEVER hurt or even thought of hurting anyone or anything. It was an honor and a privilege to have had him.

  • Christiane Noelle

    Domesticated dogs came from Wolves, it isn't a crazy stretch to breed the two like it is with a big cat... Yes they're wild, but so is my ACD who is a crossbreeding of a Dingo! My ACD, bites, jumps, stalks and is just down right wild and my hybrid is gentle, loving, and content but like any other animal needs her socializing and exercise. Hybrids are safe, and not harming anyone.

  • Brenna

    I'm not saying they're dangerous, they just require different training, but again that depends on how much wolf content is in the animal. We bred the wolf like traits out of dogs for a reason.

  • pam coles

    I have a wolf hybrid and he is fantastic. 4 yrs now. We brought him up with an adult lab. We also have spent a lot of time with him. It's dedication. He has never been caged or chained up. We have always respected who he is. Smart, loyal, cautious, funny. Great Animal. All good animals require training.

  • Vendey

    every animal is different. just be careful with the decisions you make with hybrids. they don't all act the same

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Wolf Pup Innocent...but the public will soon cry guilty when he is an adult...yet no wrong doing will be his...just because of what he is.

sweet moment here to find out more

Saw one with a bushy tail in Issaquah, WA at Lake Sammamish


That little baby has a look on his face like "Momma? Where we going?"