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Tsumayoji, Wooden Japanese Toothpicks|つま楊枝

Japanese food, Sushi

Japanese bento

Japanese Foods

Japanese bento box

Japanese bento

Japanese sweets, Taiyaki

Photo: Japanese Sushi Platter at Tokyo-Ohzushi|寿司

Japanese mackerel pressed sushi

Photo: Inarizushi, Japanese Sushi Rice Stuffed in Deep-Fried Tofu (Vegan Friendly)|いなり寿司

furoshiki / bento box

Wasabi is actually not responsible for cleaning out your sinuses & opening your nasal passages. It actually does the opposite but it has great antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti cancer properties. Its promotes liver health enabling the liver to better neutralize certain potentially toxic substances that can lead to cell mutation contributing to cancer.

Japanese vegetables

Japanese forest

Japanese old kitchen



Japanese calligraphy

Japanese farmhouse

Japanese umbrellas