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TV Themes ~ MASH, Theme of late / early TV -- taken from the movie, the theme's actual title is "Suicide is Painless". (Watched the original movie recently.didn't really stand up to time. The TV show was much much better.

Who could not love the Andy Griffith Show? Everyone needs a friend like Andy. And, Barney, what a great character. Loved him.

Actor Andy Griffith dead at 86

Old TV shows with no bad language And Barney with his one bullet. Andy wouldn't let him carry a gun unless the one bullet was buttoned in his shirt pocket.

M*A*S*H has a great fandom.

Three attractive men wearing tight pants in the same room. Let's see how many teenage girls we can convert into Trekkies.

september 17, m.a.s.h. premiered on television in 1972

I read the book, saw the movie - then when the TV series started, I thought "this is going to be dumb" but instead it was great! Loved Mash in all it's forms!

I Love Lucy tv-shows-i-grew-up-watching

I Love Lucy Still watch and will always watch. One thing for sure, there will never be another Lucille Ball.


M*A*S*H on Sept. a TV show about an army surgical hospital premiered. Based on a popular movie, it gained a devoted audience and became one of the most beloved and longest-running series in history.

funny how show were entertaining back then even without all the sexual innuendos....

My Three Sons, Fred MacMurray! I loved this show and ended up having 3 sons of my own years later.

Ben Casey

Ben Casey

and there was also a TV show with Dr Kildare who was a blonde good looking opposite to the dark and broody Ben Casey

M*A*S*H, Alan Alda , Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce ,mash , 4077, Trapper John McIntyre, Wayne Rogers, McLean Stevenson , Lt. Colonel Henry Blake , Loretta Swit , Major Margaret Houlihan, William Christopher , Father Francis Mulcahy, Gary Burghoff Corporal Walter Eugene O'Reilly, Major Frank Burns, Larry Linville,

Mash, a classic, that I still watch on occasion.

I Lovee This Show !:)

Home Improvement one of my favorite childhood TV shows. Still comes on TBS occasionally and introduced me to Tim Allen. (But more importantly JTT)

"M*A*S*H" TV show (1982 photo)...my dad was in Korea during the rebuild time after the Korean War. He loved this tv show and so did we.

M*A*S*H: 1972 - 1983 One of the most beloved television series of all time. A phenomenal show that was very groundbreaking for its time. Many of the best shows of today owe a lot of credit to this program.