• Kathleen Miller

    Repurposed Light Bulb Hot Air Balloon DIY - If you're looking for a unique stashbuster craft, try your hand at this whimsical Recycled Bulb Hot Air Balloons project! Not only are the balloons made from repurposed light bulbs, the rest of this project also comes from items destined for the trash. Use water bottle caps, fabric scraps and of course an old light bulb to create your own fanciful green recycling crafts. This tutorial will show you how it's done.

  • Christa Raburn

    Repurposed Light Bulb Hot Air Balloon DIY - Cute kids room decor.

  • Melissa Matos

    I love hot airballoon! !!! My tutorial for making hot air balloon ornaments from old lightbulbs, water bottle caps and fabric scraps.

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