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  • Vikas Sharma

    American helicopter pilot managed to capture one of these days in the southeast United States in Panama City a natural phenomenon, which is often referred to as “air tsunami“.

  • Kevin Liang

    Low Cloud Over the condo in Panama City, Florida

  • Orlff

    Incredible Air Tsunami in Florida At first glance, it may appear as though tsunami is poised to crash over the Florida coastline. But much to the relief of Panama City residents, this breath-taking series of photographs shows a natural phenomenon far less destructive - waves of clouds. Helicopter pilot JR Hott captured these breathtaking images, which show the low-lying haze swooping over high-rise buildings down the coast.

  • Shaun Gibson

    Looking for reasoning to a complicated world | Blogging random stuff, I love to debate, I love to laugh, I love to live, I love to love. Be nice. Ta

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