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How to Study Herbs

Learn how to study herbs and other plants for medicinal and edible uses with this easy method that includes a journal page printable.

Elecampane, an herbaceous perennial in the Aster family, grows in fields and pastures and along roadsides and fencerows, preferring moist ground. It has a long history of use as a tonic herb for the respiratory system. It's warming and clearing to the lower respiratory system, effectively expelling congestion and stuck energy. It also soothes the tissue irritation and inflammation that results from coughing. (From The Herbarium Monographs)


Peppermint and a Free Printable Herb Monograph PDF {Herbal Primer

Peppermint and a Free Printable Herb Monograph PDF {Herbal Primer} - The Mind to Homestead

Cilantro/ Coriander An annual or biennial herb (Coriandrun sativum), of the Parsley Family, grown for it's aromatic seeds which are used for flavoring liquors and confections. The plants, which grow about 2 feet high, are cultivated in rows about 18 inches apart, generally from seed sown in early spring. The seed heads which ripen about midsummer are gathered and dried, then beaten with light rods or flails to spearate the seeds.

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Mentha x piperita — Peppermint [indigestion, cramps, muscle aches, tension headaches, skin irritations]

Energetically, rosemary is warming, drying, stimulating, and restorative. The taste is pungent, sweet, and slightly bitter. Rosemary is a superb tonic for the memory, increasing mental function and acuity by increasing blood flow to and stimulating the brain. This stimulating action also has other benefits to the brain, as well, and rosemary is known as a folk remedy for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and migraines... This monograph is live in The Herbarium. Use the coupon HANEHolidays for…

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Grow Rosa Rugosa Roses for Food and Medicine

rosa-rugosa-herbal actions

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Chickweed Herb - Side Effects, Uses and Benefits

Chickweed (Stellaria media) | The tincture cools inflammation and heals skin from the inside; also detoxifies gently.