• Shelly Ramirez

    MAKE YOUR OWN EDIBLE SPOONS - make with sugar cookie dough for eating ice cream

  • Aunt Millie's

    DIY: What a great idea! Make your own edible spoons by flattening a slice of bread. Add a filling to make a fun appetizer or something sweet to make a dessert.

  • Katie Evans

    MAKE YOUR OWN EDIBLE SPOONS Have you ever hosted a dinner party and wished you didn't have so many dishes to wash up... There is NO WAY this is actually a timesaver.

  • Amelia Bolick

    Edible spoons made from bread. Serve with soup in a bread bowl and juice in a cup made of hollowed-out fruit for a totally-edible meal experience?

  • Becky Mahovlich

    edible spoons for tapas and appetizers.

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