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Michael Fassbender | Peter Hapak | Mood Magazine #1

Design made in Germanyfrom Design made in Germany

Tod einer Königin – Warum sterben Bienen wie die Fliegen?

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Bee Brochure

Brochure Annual

Good inspiration for the annual report project. The factual information is displayed in different ways while keeping the whole cohesive. The bees are also illustrated in enough detail without being overly cutesy or creepy.

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snow boarder magazine #graphic banner #advertising #Illustrations #graphic design #poster|

Wabbalyfrom Wabbaly

Graphic design inspiration, posters and covers

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design inspiration #graphicdesign #design #inspiration #designinspiration #typography #layout

From up Northfrom From up North

Mixed design work for your inspiration

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Blend Magazine.

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November 2004

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Sienna Miller

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Magazine cover design. The Expressionist.

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Node | Magazine Cover by Abby Chen, via Behance

Benoni Loos

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This cover is so awsome. The Room magazine. #cover #magazine

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Scribbly Beard

Esquire Typography

Beard Typography

Beard Types of all kinds Shapes and Sizes. From overgrown mountain man beards to 5 O' Clock shadow I didn't shave today beards... For information on the Beard Trimmers and Beard Clippers that are best suited for your beard type go here

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// magazine cover design

GraphicRiverfrom GraphicRiver

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Simple magazine | editorial

Ty Ogunkoya

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Studio #magazine #cover

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Clean Grunge | Volt Café | by Volt Magazine Cover page ideas, with the text and transparency element.

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10 Magazine the use of texture could be used for the illustration

Anna Lee

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MONO No. 2 , a graphic arts and design magazine

From up Northfrom From up North

35 Stunning Magazine Covers

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These are really cool covers. They are really intriquing and appealing to the eye

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NordStrom Posters (business class) by Matthew Metz, via Behance

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Graphic design for 'Dwell - Coastal Cities Revisited' by Sidney Lim YX // Editorial design inspiration