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    How To Eat Like The First Lady

    As Michelle Obama continues her crusade for healthy eating, critics and supporters alike are eagerly watching her dining out habits to see if she practices what she preaches. That includes Politico, w
    Fake Michelle Obama
    • 3 years ago

    I don't know what this is, but thank goodness it's fried!

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    A berry pie courtesy of @Obama for America Minnesota | Of course, no one can eat this but me unless there's kale under all that icing.

    Wouldn't this be perfect for Barry since I can't get him off the golf course?

    Crispy Corn Fritters from

    4th of July Fresh Berry Trifles by recipe girl. | Maybe if we put them in stemware?

    banana split bites | I might have the WH pastry chef whip these up later.

    I'm not upset that Barry stopped by The Varsity -- the best place in Atlanta to buy a hot dog dripping grease. I'm more upset that he didn't bring one home for me!

    Ben's Chili Bowl, which has several locations around Washington, D.C., is among one of Obama's favorite restaurants in the district. | WaPo is doing a better job than @MrsObama in providing fodder for this board.

    Obama's favorite pizza restaurant, Italian Fiesta Pizzeria, has several locations throughout Chicago. | For once, this pin does not require satire.

    I don't know what this is, but thank goodness it's fried!

    Ummm...cookies. Do you think anyone will notice if I snag another one?

    Pancakes with Barry. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    Burgers and fries with Barry.

    If anyone gets between me and those cookies, they will have to deal with the Secret Service. | Campaign stop in Virginia at Mom's Apple Pie

    Yum! You should probably look away and grab some lettuce, peasant.

    Yes! Fishsticks. Damn, I'm on the Let's Move tour... whatever! Load me up, Sam!

    I know it's hard, you guys—exercise restraint. I'll help you by taking your share.

    Ray's Hell Burger! To die for!

    Ted's Bulletin adult shakes—my fav!