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Politically incorrect because I can.

I say this to my husband ALL THE TIME! I can't help it...he's great at math, (except he's not Asian) oh well.

Funny, Politically Incorrect Illustrations That Say It Like It Is.. Hahahahaha I love this, I see many thoughts (of mine) on here! ;)

I am going to make one of these and put it on a wall at work, see how long it takes everyone to notice :0)

For some reason I find this entertaining....maybe because I'm secretly hoping every time I come to an automatic door it's Rain from Ninja assassin??

Avoids having to make up a better story than, "I'm clumsy and got a paper of 10 this week." lol.

Ninja parade - definitely a parade I would sign up for...

Believe in yourself.... Because the rest of us think you're an idiot.

Ecco cosa succede a frequentare corsi per Ninja! #ninjafb tnx to @barbaglichiara