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True! Comment, "USA" If you agree or are excited for the 4th of July! Don't forget to follow my 4th of July board! Eagle~4th of july~memes~america


The true face of Jesus…

Forensic view of Our Lord, Jesus Christ from Popular changing face of Jesus

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. In god YOU trust. The rest of us will decide for ourselves. Thanks.

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he says he's religious yet he threatens a young man with physical violence after his show because the guy didnt agree with o'reillys views. They have it on tape.

If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people at all.


How You Can Love By Faith

Athiests are the majority in Europe, and Europe is doing WAY better than ANY christian country. Ever. Coincidence?

So true, us Christians need to remember that Jesus was anti religious it's about the relationship and love not hate and judgement

If you think your afterlife will be better than your current life, you're not really living. You're just waiting to die.

Allah did not have a talking snake in His Garden of Eden. Isn't Islam ridiculous? Narrowed and Distorted by Idolatry: Carl Jung viewed all religions, including Christianity, to be collective mythologies - not real in essence, but having a real effect on the human personality. > > > "I have seldom met an intelligent person whose views were not narrowed and distorted by religion." James Buchanan

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, Islam, God is Imaginary. If you think Christianity was never like radical Islam you haven't studied Christian history.