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there are 2 sides to every coin

Truth be told... Voedingscoach Marlo Wagner - Praktijk voor voedingscoaching en Beweegadvies

It already is that offensive. Now we need to show them it is unacceptable.

Atheism, Religion, Islam, Christianity, Westboro Baptist Church, Buddhism, God is Imaginary, Death, Murder, Religion Harms, Homosexuality, LGBTQIA, Bigotry, Homophobia, Civil Rights, Equal Rights, Gay Rights, Separation of Church and States, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religion, Forcing Religion on Others. ...You just described every religion in the history of the world. You essentially just said that any and all religious people should be monitored... closely.

  • GK Temujin

    The college group "Campus Crusade for Christ" makes a lot of people shudder. It's like calling yourself "The Final Solution Club" or "Smallpox Blanket Organization."

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Religion/Christianity ... One more distortion of churches, based in ignorance! How sad!

  • Marine P

    Chris, if you believe that atheists are not the recipients of negativity and backlash, I would encourage you to read some atheist pins and see the things that christians seek us out to say. I cannot count the number of times that I've been told in a haughty nearly amused tone that I would burn in hell. Or how may times I've had to explain that atheism does not equate to being an immoral person. Or how many times I've been told that I was "what is wrong with this country". I have never sought out christians, their gatherings or even their Pinterest pins, yet my own pins are consistently bombarded with unprovoked negativity. Your god has been added to the money that we all use, used in court to deny people their basic rights, and regularly used as a tool to persecute people young and old whilst the attackers throw up their hands and claim innocence that they are simply preaching "gods word". Yet, when a group of atheists attempts to uphold freedom of (and from) religion and separation of church and state, the immediate response is that we are pushing atheism down the throats of religious people. We will not be silent, we will continue to fight so long as religion is used as a tool to hurt and discriminate.

  • CREX

    I am sorry that u have had a bad experience with Christianity from people who profess things they don't practice. All I will say is my responsibility as a Christian is to follow Christ and do my best to be as He was and is and to help people understand how great and merciful Jesus is to all of us, because we all sin and fall short of Gods glorious nature. I accept that others may not feel the same and I never try to push it on anyone because by doing so, some Christians do appear hypocritical and judgemental and really aren't representing the Christ of the Bible. I hope someday Jesus will reveal himself to you because he truely loves u and died for you and me and I have felt and seen Him work in my life and it is so wonderful. If u don't, then no judgments and that is your decision. I apologize for any hurt feelings and negativity of some Christians, but please don't put us all in the same category of those of us who don't throw hate at people. Every "religion" has its share of representatives that aren't correct because we are all fallen under sin. I hope you have a good day and unlike other people I have texted with, thank you for not calling me hurtful things and reacting harshly towards me :)

  • Marine P

    Of course, harsh words do neither side any good and only cause the one holding an alternate opinion to stop listening. The same to you, your objectivity and respectful debate is rare but appreciated. No doubt there are people of all backgrounds and faiths that misrepresent and are cruel, but do not represent each individual of their own "club" so to speak. I genuinely wish that all Christians had such a good head on their shoulders and hope to see the day when everyone lives together peacefully, and free.

  • steven hendon

    Just to add to the conversation... I don't think I have met any "Christian" that another Christian would not say "He/She is not a real Christian." Nobody lives by the bible. The picking and choosing is the problem and if anyone feels that the desire to push equality down their throat is an issue, then that person needs to reevaluate their ideology.

  • The Book Lady

    Wow........ Sadly enough, this is the first pin I have come across where there was only debate. No insults, slurs, or hate. Just debate.

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Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.

This is true, but "how I really look" is what it should say not "how I really look like"

There is nothing inherently liberating in showing skin. There is nothing inherently liberating in covering up. The liberation lies in the choice