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    • Diane Davis

      "bless her little heart" it must really really really hurt to be this.. ~ She has to be the biggest liar in the name of God...and God will remember on judgement day...

    • plasmaborne4rel

      WTF? Does she even listen to what she thinks before she says it? Self examination hasn't gotten her anywhere. Time to call in the rescue squad.

    • Lorrie


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    Exactly! Adore Denis Leary!!

    What does it say when these republican Supreme Court justices ignore separation of church and state, one of the basic principals our nation was founded on?

    Do your job

    Go figure.

    Failed policies (trickle down economics) or no counter policies (alternative to Obamacare?) are all they have to offer.

    ...and I'm not asking for you to comment, so if you have a problem with it, keep it to yourself. Especially you religious nuts, I already know what you are about, you don't have to preach or comment about it. Just shut the fuck up on my pins. I really don't give a fuck to hear AGAIN about your silly beliefs... This is a re-post for those of you who missed it the first time!

    TAX BREAKS for offshoring jobs needs to end... DO YOU SEE CONGRESS HELPING US WORKERS? NOPE!

    Seriously, it's scary how many Conservative nutbags believe this!

    Dumb A-hole. What kills me is these people "want government out of their lives," but they vote for people who even actually ban WORDS. Valid words at that!

    Eisenhower and Everett Dirksen could never even get the nomination today....sad but true.

    The difference between guns and birth control

    Criminalize Conservatism

    This! Put bloody body armor on every cop if we have to -- they can't keep "fearing for their lives" every time they see anyone with dark skin.

    Stop creating laws to make me follow your religious beliefs .

    Activism Politics, Concerns Politics Human, All Politics I, Amendment Rite, Better Guns, 2Nd Amendment, Guns Control, Guns Regulation, Exposing Lies Truths Injustice

    Good cop? Where?

    There is no actual Republican party anymore. Its just a conglomeration of amoral religio-fascist pigs, bottom feeding knuckle dragging mouth breathing corporate tools who have no concept that, in our Declaration of Independence, its clearly and beautifully spelled out the the purpose of OUR government is to ensure the entire citizenry the tools for the pursuit of a healthy LIFE, LIBERTY to the extent that does not interfere with others in the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

    Republicans+Fox LYING to the Sheeple!

    Never fails...

    Or gynecologist

    Reproductive rights

    Keep It Real

    The stupid leading the ignorant

    Here's a hint, what republican isn't?