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Jack's bracelet - So touching! After his childhood dog passed away, this guy had a bracelet created out of the dog's old tag and part of his leash. Such a great memento of a beloved pet...

Pets are important too :) Create a space outside for your pet to lounge by using a large and comfy seat cushion for them to lay on.

A dog the only thing on earth that loves you more than itself. Great way to keep the dogs things all tgether, and it looks good.

Indoor Dog House/Bedside Table $650 It would be even better with a door so you could use it as a crate too.

How to make a Dry Shampoo for Dogs with just 3 simple ingredients. Great to use in between dog baths!

Full grown man holding an 11 week old caucasian ovcharka! So large but still adorable. This puppy if gunna grow up to be a bear of a dog.

Dog tips in case of signs of unusal health behavior. #dogtips #dogillness

Dog Organization Organization by the Ocean: Doggie Station!!! as much as I hate to say it and sorta compare kids to dogs, you could also reword some of the draws and organize kids' toys and their other stufff....

Antique kitties. My new collection: photos of people with their cats.