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14 Day Amazing Abs Challenge

stretches for splits

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The Ultimate 30-Minute Cardio Pilates Workout!

The Ultimate 30-Minute Cardio Pilates Workout! - YouTube

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Briohny Smyth – There is no controversy just…

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This is a 30 minute instructional power yoga flow best suited for those with a consistent yoga practice. (Not ideal for beginners.) I can't do the headstands yet but everything else was awesome! #yoga

Can you stay FIT on the job?? YES, you CAN!!! NEW video is up to stay fit at the desk!!! Click on the link below for the FULL video.

Cardio Barre: Lower Body Shred Workout. A lot of workouts I get, I simply take from youtube. This a video that I used some things from. This workout is great for anyone that is busy but is trying to get in a quick workout. It's a awesome fast pace hard burning fast workout that will for sure show results.

Yoga Workout ♥ Better Than The Gym | Abs & Core A 10 min yoga workout class aimed to target stubborn areas in your midsection through a combination of strengthening plank exercises, a yoga flow to raise the heart rate, and lengthening yoga postures to increase blood flow and speed up your metabolism. The most perfect way to start your day! Get your body awake and ready to go.

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▶ Cardio Barre: Dancer's Body Workout - YouTube. Need light weights, a chair, and a yoga mat if on a hard surface. Great workout using strength, flexibility, and balance. Side note: the instructor looks like Desiree from the Bachelorette. 38.35

Pilates is one of the best workouts for whipping the abs into shape. And if you have 10 minutes to spare, we can help you take care of your tummy with this workout from celeb trainer Juliet Kaska. Best of all, no props are needed! Press play, pull your navel to your spine, and get ready to work your midsection. Subscribe to FitSugarTV! w...


A Dynamic Yoga Sequence to Help You Build a Stronger Body

Sure, yoga is great for calming the mind, but this ancient practice can also give you a strong body to boot! Get psyched for beach — or naked — time with these 12 challenging poses that will tone your butt, thighs, abs, and upper body.

Our geometry in balance, An interlocking equilibrium. Our symmetrical mosaic Builds a perfect picture. Words © Cameron Lincoln. Photographer Unknown. #micropoetry

Get a better night's sleep with this 5 minute bed time yoga sequence. Relax before bed and get a better sleep with these easy yoga poses. #yoga #fitness