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  • Julie Newkirk

    Dr Who wedding band Celebrate geek love with these 23 awesome sci-fi wedding rings

  • eri pinon

    I think i found the engagement ring!

  • Shannon Smith

    This is a Sci-Fi style ring. They wanted insignias mixed in with the design. Tardis (Phone booth from Dr. Who) is center motif. With a space shuttle on one side and Star Trek symbol on the other

  • WriteBrain Media

    Love, love, love this #Tardis ring. It's actually a 3-sided ring with the space shuttle on 1 side, Star Trek symbol on the other side.

  • Decortastic S

    Custom Engraved Ring Combines Doctor Who, Star Trek and the Space Shuttle #Geek

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I must own this ring! Dr Who, Star Trek, and the Space Shuttle - geek heaven!

T.A.R.D.I.S. engagement ring. Now this is the ultimate ring for any Doctor Who fans -a TARDIS ring created by Tumblr user Pathetic Paripatetic. I don’t know about you other geek ladies, but I want one of these - Zeon, take note.

Doctor Who Engagement Ring. Where was this when I was looking for the ring!

The light flashes on top when the phone rings. It has a plastic roof but is wood veneer.

omg Anna Bowjangle ... im sorry for tagging you in a bunch of dr. who stuff but you had to see this one... don't worry i will tell your man about this hahahaha

TARDIS Engagement Ring Box. Will you be Mrs. The Doctor. tv, Dr. Who, Nerdy, engagement ring, Tardis

221B wallpaper and TARDIS rings? Most excellent!

THOUGHT THIS FROM THE MOMENT THIS HAPPENED. Not to mention the vortex manipulator that River is going to use to go visit them in New York... wtf Moffat.

Omg Spock and the Doctor.... Wait... Doctor Spock.... DOCTOR Spock.... O.o Mind officially blown......

Doctor Who. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

How cute! The traditional cans that trail the getaway car - adorable idea for a vintage wedding! I love the details that were put on them!