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    Skyler... after... well this is for me, and it mught give away seomthing for you Aftermath by ~noiprox

    • Jessica - Tales of Wonderland

      Nivie, female Tirn | female warrior fighter | fantasy fairytale princess | writing character inspiration

    • Elizabeth Arianne

      Kiara knelt in the snow her father's sword in hand, "I will fight this war until I achieve the peace you always dreamed of..." She muttered at his grave.

    • Katelyn of Asgard

      "I'm sorry," Reyna said, picking her sword up again. "I shouldn't have acted so--" "No, we understand."

    • The Wonderful Mr. M

      She slowed. Dropped to her knees. She took several long breaths, calming herself. She had killed him. Stabbed the man who trusted her time and time again. They were behind her. They were coming for her, she began to panic again. She slowed her breathing and opened her eyes. Two guards stood before her and drew their swords. A twig snapped behind her. There were three of them. Aftermath by ~noiprox on deviantART

    • Sara McIntosh

      Dragon Age | RPG | Fantasy Art | Caitlyn Stuart, Steward and cavalière of Marquis of Mont De Glace

    • jnana shiva

      After the passion, the sword sustained me (by noiprox)

    • The Odd Portrait

      Female Warrior in the snow with sword high fantasy.

    • Sydnee Burgess

      Kickass looking warrior woman.

    • Lexie E

      Warrior princess

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    This pose/warrior reminded me of Katniss because she is strong, yet bare and vulnerable. She is armed yet dressed in native clothing. To me it represents Katniss' roots and a possible statue they would put up in place of where the "reapings" took place when she took Prim's place



    Alecto _ Greek. One of the Three Furies who was the Goddess of fallen warriors.

    sorceress wizard lion inspiring illustration jason chan | NOT OUR ART - Please click artwork for source | WRITING INSPIRATION for Dungeons and Dragons DND Pathfinder PFRPG Warhammer 40k Star Wars Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu and other d20 roleplaying fantasy science fiction scifi horror location equipment monster character game design | Create your own RPG Books w/

    warrior goddess

    #story #fairytale #magic #witch #dramatic #witchery #darkness

    Sometimes my own fantasy needs a inspiring touch, and theres so menny amazing artists out there in the world and I'm greatful for that

    female Knight

    By the Sword of the the Samurai by David Lozeau Canvas Giclee Skeleton Samurai_2

    USA Bonds, J. C. Leyendecker In this poster by American commercial illustrator J.C. Leyendecker marketing USA Bonds during WWI, Liberty and a Boy Scout hold a sword inscribed, "Be prepared." Other text on the poster from 1917 reads: "USA Bonds. Third Liberty Loan Campaign. Boy Scouts of America. Weapons for Liberty."

    Freyja- goddess of fertility, passion, battle and magic. Captain of the Valkyrie. Master of the art of Seidr, which she taught to Odin.

    Bloodstaff, Joon Ahn. Blood Mage, #rpg, girl, #dnd, human, elf, woman, red clothes, robe, #concept #art, digital painting

    This isn't Ashe but she sure looks like her and makes me want to have a map with rain...

    She had studied the sword for years, and this was the day it would pay off. By Gene Mollica Laineth, wrong hair color buuuut

    Wolf skin


    .:Winter Comes:. by *EVentrue on deviantART