That's right i got that skill!!!

hahaha too funny

When I say to you "That's crazy," it means that 99% of the time I haven't been listening to a single word you just said. Please, talk thing of importance to me.

I am a Ninja.


So true!

Too funny

I do this all the time in my household!

you are so wow.

Funny story about how my friend and I broke she lamp while dancing but I'll save that for later

this will be my exscuse for not talking to people next yeah and i think i spelled that wrong Dx

Some people just need a high-five... In the face... Whit a chair.

Lol... So me!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 67 Pics

hahaha, too funny

lol, my biggest problem! And then mom yelling..are you eating again!<-- psh, nah just checking to see what I'll be eating the next 5 minutes.: Quotes, Truth, My Life, My Heart, Funny Stuff, So True

Story of my life

need this for the beach house