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  • lauren tarr

    Glass Milk Bottles, left at the door each morning.

  • Maria Lucia Bello

    Milk delivered to the front porch in glass bottles that you returned.

  • Second Twirl

    VIntage Milk bottles

  • Cynthia Fleischman

    Milk was delivered to your front door in glass bottles.

  • Shirley Klocke

    Glass Milk Bottles...delivered to your door by the milkman. We had an insulated steel box by the back door where the milkman put our order.

  • Pamela Brown

    Oh i remember me and my sister trying to beat the other one to the door to get the fresh milk, momma hollerin' at us to quit running in the house and trying like heck to get us around the breakfast table so we could get to school on time, we were always reminded to act like ladies, but we always forgot when it came to that race to the front door!

  • Donna Day

    Milk for 10c a bottle and it was delivered to your front door! - I remember when they suspended milk delivery to our house and my mom had to shop for it at the store.

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I remember this!! . . . yes, and I remember when the price went UP to 10 cents . . boy, am I old.. LOL

Crates of Nostalgia Anyone who's over 30 will remember the goold old days of drinking Coke and Dr. Pepper out of glass bottles on a hot summer day, then saving them and returning them for a nickel each.

Borden's Milk Man by Oklahoma Historical Society - when I was a kid a nice man brought milk right to my front door!

Milk being delivered to the door from your friendly and efficient Milkman! My DAD!!

frozen milk on the doorstep... Lol, I loved it when this happened:) or the foil being pecked open by the birds !!!

I want to be your Milkman by grickily, via Flickr

June 1943. Bryn Mawr, Pa. Mrs. Helen Joyce, "one of the many women who now work for the Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co." Piloting a little Walker electric delivery van. Photo by Jack Delano.

Forget about it Coke, or any other soda pop. I'd take a glass of Nestle's Quick over most any other drink any day of the week during my childhood, and usually did!

years of taking orange flavored baby aspirins during childhood illnesses. Is it any wonder why I hate orange-flavored food items and beverages that cause a gag reflex.

Vintage milk bottle kraft paper cap paper ephemera