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  • Jessica Bulls

    Adorable lil critter.

  • Rosie Currie

    These creatures are adorable and yet they aren't noticed enough, and when they are, they aren't treated in the right way. We care for lions and tigers and they are both dangerous and beautiful animals, and yet we don't care for these beautiful creatures.

  • Red the Reader

    Red Fox (I think I have thing for red-furred animals, since I'm redheaded myself)

  • Mianaca xMx

    One of my favourite animals is a fox. This little guy is ready for cuddles #fox #redfox #snow #fluffy #animal #cute

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Me and my friends saw a dog that looked like a fox mixed with a sausage dog today at the markets! Sooo cute just like this photo!

baby fox - sto per fartene una che non ti dimenticherai tanto presto... oh, sì, sì... come sono malvagio...

This was taken a few years ago but I wanted to upload this lighter version. It was a very friendly fox that I came across a few hours off the Alaska Highway in Northern BC.

Snow-dusted fox in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado #red_fox #Vulpes_vulpes #myt

WOW! This is Beautiful! "The look" ~ By ~ this is the only way I love my furs...ALIVE, healthy, and ohhh soo beautiful, in its true glory! ~

For one with fox as a totem, hair is very important. If a change is needed on certain levels, changing the hair to reflect this desire helps to activate fox medicine and it's magic of shape shifting. The changeability of the colors reflects change of the expression of the inner force. A study of colors and their symbology would also be very insightful. In general, the Red Fox is associated with sexual energy, the kundalini, and the freeing of the creative life force.

sleeping fox. All I'm thinking is, he's gotta be a pretty terrible fox if you can get this close to him for a picture and he doesn't wake up...

Sleepy Fox: I've always wanted a pet fox! Maybe my boyfriend Chris will let me get one :)

Red fox by Ian Wade So much more beautiful this way than just a dead carcass wrapped around someones neck, I gotta say.

How about cutting out some wildlife shapes in mdf or recycled wood and painting to put in the surrounding areas? great for kids... Maybe write facts on the back? Kimmi

angujuana: psychotic—depression: one of my favourite animal spirits Must be very cold Mary