Rock Animals With rocks, glue, and paint, kids can create a collection of all their favorite animals.

Adorable Rock Frogs. Perfect spring craft

Rock art

Rock art

Painted Rocks (@Kris Jarchowán Örn Kjartansson Pealo). We did these for a MOPS make-and-take and my kids really like them.

Painted Rock Village

Rock Turtle

Frogs out of rocks paint and glue....

Painted rock

Seashell Koalas

Rock art

Ideas for gluing rocks for decorating. I like the idea of using the putty to balance while glue dries! "Glue rocks together before painting them, attaching small stone features such as eyes, feet, or beaks to body parts before joining larger parts; attach whiskers and tails after painting. Cement glue makes the strongest bond but should be used only by parents working in a well-ventilated area. (Kid-friendly glues are less durable and are best for rock crafts that will sit on shelves.)"

BULLDOG ROCK PAINTING Arte Sassi Dipinti ROBERTO RIZZO lots of detail

pet rocks

Rock craft ideas!

more fun rocks.

painted rocks to keep the kids busy!

Painted rocks for Christmas

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