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Wife of a departing soldier lifts her son for farewell embrace. Oklahoma, 1945.

Soviet soldier returning to greet his daughter

A US soldier is welcomed home by his wife and child, 1940s.

One of my favourite photographs <3 California, 1950 - A soldier leans out of a train to kiss a woman goodbye.

American soldiers escort a group of Dutch children dressed up in traditional costume for a concert after the liberation in February, 1945

A farewell kiss -A soldier kissing his daughter goodbye before he leaves Britain.

Mrs. Mary Couchman, a 24-year-old warden of a small Kentish Village, shields three little children, among them her son, as bombs fall during an air attack on October 18, 1940. The three children were playing in the street when the siren suddenly sounded. Bombs began to fall as she ran to them and gathered the three in her arms, protecting them with her body. Complimented on her bravery, she said, "Oh, it was nothing. Someone had to look after the children."

Kiss goodbye at New York's Penn Station, WWII

~A FROZEN MOMENT THAT CHANGED THE WORLD minutes before he was shot

A Soldier of the 535th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion, 99th Infantry Division, with his pup during the Battle of the Bulge, somewhere in Belgium on January 4, 1945.

Soldiers saying goodbye at Penn Station. © Alfred Eisenstaedt

When troops liberated the concentration camps they were unprepared for what they encountered. Here a U.S. soldier holds a victim of Nazi terror sobbing in relief of his liberation.

Netherlands liberation - soldier (probably Canadian) shares his food with two dutch kids.

Audie Murphey Most decorated soldier of WWII and most decorated U.S. Soldier in history.

oklahoma dust bowl, unknown source

August 1936. "People living in miserable poverty. Elm Grove, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma." by Dorothea Lange for the Farm Security Administration.

London, 1940 - A woman leans over the railing to kiss a British soldier returning from World War II

Spring 1942. New Bedford, Massachusetts. "Portuguese mother with pictures of her sons, who are all in service."

Czech citizens having to greet invading German troops, October 1938. Those who forget their pasts are doomed to repeat it.

Civil War Soldier.

April 19, 1995. Oklahoma bombing