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"You are a chicken, and I am a chicken hawk." -- '70s Saturday morning cartoons were the best!

Foghorn Leghorn. My very favorite cartoon character. I say, I say boya!

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I say, I say, listen up boy, Foghorn Leghorn, my favourite rooster of all time.

Foghorn Leghorn "Is any of that sinkin in boy!?"

remember foghorn leghorn? OMG he was my favorite cartoon character ever. He was hilarious!

foghorn leghorn, all time favorite, I say, I say, all time favorite son

"That boy's like a tattoo....he gets under my skin." Foghorn Leghorn. Loved this character when I was a kid.

Foghorn Leghorn: Mother Was a Rooster (1962) -

Now, I say, I say, This guy was one of the best - yes sir, one of the best, I say. Foghorn Leghorn