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terra-cotta space heater.... several ways to do it, can heat up an entire room. Going to keep a supply of pots and candles on hand, to warm each room in case the power goes out this winter!

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How to Make a Wood-Wick Candle by Yourself

How to Make a Wood-Wick Candle by Yourselfthumbnail

Enjoy! For those lasting how long it lasts- virtually forever! As long as you use actual glow in the dark paint and not a temporary glowstick, you should be able to recharge it and reuse it over and over again. My glow is still going strong! Things Needed: Jar Glow in the Dark Paint Paintbrushes (preferably longer) Paper to put paint onto Sc... Crap have to look on youtube for instructions...

Diy... reuse bath and body works candle jars. Glam them up by simply adding bling on a roll and cabinet knobs.

DIY Bath And Body Works candle holder. Easy to make with dollar store taper pillars, epoxy and a BBW 3 wick candle lid.

Vintage Cheese Grater...with battery operated grungy candle in a rusty wire... & a handmade tag.

I have thrown so many out! :( How to clean your candle jars of wax once the candle is done. Great to reuse in the bathroom for cotton balls or q-tips:-)

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How to Make a Homemade Wick

Recipe for candle wicks. Simple and great! No more expensive or one-way burning wicks.

EXCELLENT site for candle making instructionsHow to Make an Excellent High Scented Jar Candle To learn how to make an excellent high scented jar candle, it's helpful to keep in mind the following tips:

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Turn That Candleholder Into a Pretty Vessel

Turn that candleholder into a pretty vessel via @PureWow

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Transferring an Image to a Candle - Easy Gift Series

Moving An Image To A Candle - DIY Ideas 4 Home- For Mrs. Raynor?

Candles are all the rage right now and the newest kind are the gel candles. Although gel wax has been around for a while, it has become one of the hottest selling items at craft fairs. Simple to ma...

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How to Make Homemade Candle Wicks

How to Make Homemade Candle Wicks. Instead of buying wicks at a craft store when you're making homemade candles, make wicks at home. when making a wick, make sure it fits the type of candle you're creating; if a wick is the wrong thickness, the candle won’t burn correctly. Thinner braided wicks are for smaller candles, and thicker strings are...

Make your own candle design! Great for kids! You will need regular paper, tissue paper, tape, sharpies or markers, a candle, wax paper, and a heat gun.