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    You need to start and KEEP talking to teen about drug and alcohol abuse, including prescription drugs. It is so important to be clear, firm and consistent. Let them know drugs are NOT acceptable for your family. Find out who they are hanging out with - are parents around? If watching a movie that has drug use, use it as an opportunity to start a convo about it. Help them plan parties at YOUR house so you can make sure they are drug-free. Remember: Be firm, clear and consistent!

    Youth Group Is Going Again! Last month we started doing a monthly Sunday evening youth Mass. Previously, our youth Mass had just been one of the regular Sunday Masses, just with a teen choir and teens serving as lectors and ushers. Switching to having the Sunday evening Mass once per month seems to be helping. We have Mass at 6PM and then we have a potluck social afterwards.

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    I am the advisor for the parish youth group and I am trying to get a meeting with the “core group” so we can do some planning for the spring. Facebook seems to be the primary means of communication for most of the teens in the group, so we have a “Facebook group”. So I am using the Question feature on Facebook to try to figure out when and where they want to meet. We haven’t had a planning meeting for a few months, and last time we talked about meeting away from church for our planning meetings.

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    Have a teenager? Great teen parenting advice! 10 Things you need to know about your teen. Now! A must read for parents of teenagers! (Especially #13)

    The Body of Christ- made of pics of youth group members. great visual for taking about The Body of believers, and to literally put someone's face and their sin on His Body and death.

    Helping a Teenager Deal with Grief --- Several other terrific articles and therapeutic interventions on this website.

    this guy is not only gorgeous, but he's also Catholic! and he and some others (including his wife) started Young Catholic Minute! check out his videos...I found them REALLY helpful! and I feel like they'd be really good to show at a youth group, too...some are just plain cheesy haha

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    One of Cassie's many nightmares.

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    Is Your Kid an Addict? Addiction to drugs and booze are leading teenagers to the ER at a skyrocketing rate. How can you help them before they get there—and how much blame lies with the parents?

    Youth Group Activity- take teens outside, throw them a tarp, say, "Keep each other dry" and then start spraying them with a hose. Those who run off get soaked, those with a tarp end up "saving" the rest, they have to work together. Very practical idea of "LOVE ONE ANOTHER"