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Why do I find this so funny? hahahaha

I can't look at this picture without laughing. Oh my gosh. |Humor||LOL||Funny animals||Dogs|

When your dog is trying to tell you something… here to find out more

sooo cute i want to wake up in d morning with dis cute doggy beside me ^^

Dog Is Not Thrilled

omg i have a book full of these inventions that have never existed and apparently never will. its called "the big bento box of unuseless japanese inventions"

Funny Dogs Kirsten Wehrenberg-Klee Wehrenberg-Klee Wehrenberg-Klee Wehrenberg-Klee linden I see muffin doing this

I thought that this was funny. Oh the confusion!

I love this story! I have read it so many times and it always warms my heart.